Green Environment

Green Environment

Since the beginning of our operations, Leadcom has been a promoter of environmental protection and provider of green energy solutions for the telecom sites it constructs worldwide.

As both developed and emerging markets are stressing environmental issues, with stricter regulations for operators and network contractors, Leadcom’s commitment to the environment is expressed in all aspects of the company’s routine management and regulations. EH&S standards and environmental protection policies are implemented through Leadcom’s EHS guide to all working environments – both our offices and in the field.

We consider environmental issues in every stage of our planning and operations, and have gained experience finding alternative energy solutions that exploit local resources.

Throughout our operations, we make efforts and technological adaptations to reduce gas emissions and pollution, and offer more sustainably-sourced alternatives.

Cellular sites are often deployed in remote and difficult to access locations where the national power infrastructure is not available, making generators the standard solution, although their operating and maintenance costs are high. As environmental awareness increases, and with it modern technologies that exploit natural wind and solar resources, Leadcom has the experience of designing and implementing in Africa power solutions as alternative sources of energy.