Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Distributed antenna system (DAS) requirements are shifting: sectorization schemes change, 5G dynamic spectrum sharing on existing bands are being utilized, SISO/MIMO approaches are modified, and new bands for 5G and CBRS are being deployed.

Supporting large, high-rise buildings, or campus-style deployments, Leadcom’s DAS solutions portfolio can manage them all. The modular DAS system solutions provide cost-optimized, multiband coverage and capacity support for multiple operators, with a single, simplified fiber optic infrastructure to end the rip-and-replace upgrade cycle. Composite cabling, composed of both copper conductors for power and optical fibers for data signal, can be used as a forward-facing transport to enhance 4G today, and carry 5G tomorrow, while at the same time reducing installation costs and deployment time. With network management tools for all network components and built-in system testing, both DAS setup and commissioning are simplified. And with the availability of slide-in amplifiers for new bands and the ability to add MIMO for more capacity and to re-sectorize as needed, our platforms leave plenty of room for growth and serviceability. Stay connected today and tomorrow with our DAS system solutions, providing services for a range of LTE and 5G frequencies and technologies

Leadcom’s DAS network solutions provide flexible in-building and outdoor multi-operator cellular RF and network digital coverage solutions based on a fiber optic transport backbone.

The optical infrastructure is easily deployable via a wide range of off the shelf or field terminated composite cables and advanced end-to-end equipment. Easy to design, plug-and-play connectors significantly reduce installation cost and deployment time. Leadcom DAS systems partners solutions are an ideal fit for a wide range of large, high-rise buildings, or campus-style deployments. It generates significant CapEx savings and OpEx savings through the use of sophisticated management software and an infrastructure that is simple to deploy and efficient in usage.

Dynamic software group management allows precise service distribution control to meet changing density needs and provides further savings by enabling sharing of equipment at various levels for service providers. Radio source agnostic remote units can be used as network extenders. Ethernet capability with dedicated fiber link for Wi-Fi offload brings a higher level of granularity and support for devices and applications with very high-speed requirements.

Main Solution Features

  • Multi Band
  • Multi Operator
  • Multi Generations – 2G,3G,4G,5G
  • WiFi Extension capability
  • Multi Infrastructure – Coax, Fiber
  • Analog or Digital System per case
  • High Distance from Operator BTS (Up to 24KM)
  • Full Control and Monitoring system
  • Embedded or External antenna
  • Low power and High Power options
  • Flexible aggregation of remote units to different sectors
  • Remote gain and attenuation configuration
  • Remote electrical Tilt Functionality via an external RET controller
  • Remote monitoring capability up to remote unit level

In order to allow the optimal solutions tailored to our customer needs, Leadcom has teamed up with the best brand technology partners, providing the most advanced and up to date DAS and Outdoor DAS Cloud RAN systems.