Small Cells

Small Cells

Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes used in densely populated urban areas to increase range and capacity for the next evolution of cellular standards. The advantages of a small cell system indoors include improved coverage, very small footprint, lower cost and higher flexibility than picocells or distributed antenna systems.

How people connect in urban areas will become increasingly important as we densify networks for 5G. Easy to install, low-cost and high performing solutions will be at the forefront of this densification, including small cells and Leadcoms’ street portfolio products.

Traffic congestion, which typically happens indoors, has resulted in more spectrum bandwidth deployed at single cell. However, it may not be a viable solution in the long run because of the limited available spectrum. Instead, site densification has been proven to be a better solution, but requires tactful site planning and design to avoid inter-cell interference issue.

Leadcom’s Small Cell solutions are able to address the interference issue, and provide the required capacity. The products we offer to our customers can be customized to meet different frequency band deployment in all regions. It is designed to have a good form factor, to address the installation constraints from the building owner.

Indoor Small Cells

Indoor small cells are a proven technology for meeting the demand of increased indoor voice and data coverage and capacity. With the predicted growth of 4G and soon to be 5G data applications, is your network performing to its full potential indoors? Step away from the window and jump into a world of uninterrupted connectivity for virtual reality, 4k/8k video streaming and remote control applications.

Small cells play an instrumental role in networks – today and into the future.  Delivering needed coverage and capacity beyond the macro network can be easy, cost-effective, and enable high performance in your indoor environments.

Outdoor Small Cells

Outdoor small cell solution provides seamless mobility for users moving in and out of the small cell coverage area. These radios have a state of the art design, with superior radio performance and power efficiency when it comes to medium range 3GPP radio products.

Outdoor small cell solutions can also be fully contained in many different existing infrastructures, including bus stops, information kiosks, billboards, street manholes and lamp posts, offering a great platform for providing seamless connectivity and digital services. They are also a natural part of a wider urban landscape, influenced by local needs and technological innovations.

In order to allow the optimal solutions tailored to our customer needs, Leadcom has teamed up with the best in brand technology partners providing the most advanced and up to date small cell solutions.