Core Network Systems

Virtualize and Containerize Core of the future

4G / 5G Core Network Services

The core network forms an essential part of the mobile telecommunications system as it aggregates incoming data traffic from end devices. It also authenticates subscribers and devices, applies personalized policies and manages the mobility of the devices before routing the traffic to operator services or the Internet. As the data traffic is bound to increase multifold to gratify the upcoming user demands, we are going to witness a core network transformation from 4G EPC to 5G next generation core while operators employ the concepts of CUPS, SDN/NFV & more.

Tech Mahindra’s Core Network services portfolio intends to provide the ideal solutions to the core network challenges throughout the network lifecycle that will not only drastically cut-down capital & operational expenditure for our customers but will also introduce agility in their systems and enable new revenue streams.

Solution Offerings

  • Network Design & Planning – Business & Technical requirement Analysis, Capacity and Service planning, Architecture, Design (HLD, LLD), Strategy for migration.
  • Core Engineering – Installation and commissioning, VNF Onboarding, Configuration and Integration and Validation.
  • VNF Testing & Certification – Infrastructure testing, VNF Certification, Integration Testing, Performance Testing and Benchmarking, E2E Services Testing, Acceptance Testing.
  • VNF Onboarding and Testing Automation – VNF Onboarding Automation, Test Automation, Continuous Test Assurance, CICD Pipeline Development


  • Experience in engagements with Tier 2 operators all across the globe
  • Availability of highly skilled resources for delivery Ready to use test suites available for IMS, VOLTE, EPC
  • Automated VNF onboarding
  • Availability of a test Automation Framework
  • Availability of a pool of customized open source tools

Business Benefits

  • Network Deployment acceleration
  • Capital & Operational Expenditure optimization
  • Enablement of new revenue streams with 5G introduction
  • Improvement in service & technology agility with automation
  • Establishment of a long-term architecture with multi-vendor platforms

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