Site Operation & Maintenance

Site Operation & Maintenance

Leadcom Integrated Solutions provides complete Operation and Maintenance services to Telecom Operators and Networks Owners.  Leadcom’s services encompass end to end operations and maintenance solution aimed at reducing the Operator’s OPEX and increasing network efficiency and availability. Leadcom’s extensive and longstanding experience building and upgrading networks worldwide qualify us to offer our customers excellent, comprehensive maintenance services for their networks.

Leadcom endeavors to maintain the network’s initial functionality, stability and quality by methodological computerized maintenance programs that cover the entire preventive maintenance cycle to guarantee minimum corrective maintenance and maximum functionality.

Site maintenance services include:

  • Total Project Management by a  dedicated team of experienced professionals
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance for all the site’s passive and active elements such as tower, generators, air-conditioners, batteries, power cabinets, telecom equipment as well site perimeter and environment.
  • Design, maintenance and follow-up on the designated preventive maintenance software program.
  • 24/7 helpdesk which includes call center, follow-up on the computerized maintenance program and failure reports management
  • Site control and monitoring systems
  • Dedicated professional teams
  • Site fueling and security services

Our offering includes Logistic Management Services such as warehousing for spare parts that are needed for corrective, preventive and emergency maintenance, spare parts control and failure reports, distribution, and transportation services.

We provide supply chain services for materials and spare parts that are not provided by the customer’s vendor.

Our customers benefit from reliable risk management assessment for their entire operations including timely potential risks alerts during the routine operation to guarantee high quality maintenance service.