Rural Sites

Rural Communications

Rural areas of countries continue to be sparsely covered and are not considered as a viable business case by telecommunication operators. Recent growth of teledensity in urban areas, fuelled by mobile technology, has meant that the digital gap between rural and urban areas has widened.

Rural populations will need to be provided with mobile telephony and wireless broadband access, by connecting remote areas to the broadband core networks. Choosing efficient, cost-effective and fast-deployment technologies – whether wired or wireless networks – will improve accessibility.

The key challenges for the provision of telecommunication services in rural areas are driven by both technological and economic considerations. Setting up backhaul connectivity remains a high-cost exercise. Erratic power supply or complete lack of energy sources is a major barrier, and photovoltaic power supply is increasingly becoming a viable alternative. The requirement to maintain sufficient backup systems raises operational costs substantially.

Africa is home to the world’s youngest and fastest growing population. These demographics converge to make it a fantastic telecoms investment destination, as the continent’s cities are seeing a boom in telecoms towers – delivering voice and data to millions of people.

However, the continent is still characterized by large populations who exist outside of urban areas, often very far away from cell sites. Driven by the belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern and connected life,

Leadcom’s Rural Sites solution portfolio is an economically viable and sustainable cellular solution that brings affordable access to rural areas.

The low cost cellular technology solution, combined with optimized power, low-maintenance, site design, and optimized backhaul systems, enables mobile operators to deploy cellular networks in low-population density areas.

Using network infrastructure equipment from Leadcom, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can cost-effectively extend their mobile coverage to rural areas. Often these areas have little or no infrastructure in place to support any telecom equipment and conventional rural connectivity solutions are inefficient and/or impractical.

To enable MNO’s to deploy mobile network services in these challenging areas, we leverage innovative technology and scalable product platforms and solutions. We can take advantage of distributed network architecture to enable flexible deployment options and make cost-effective use of any terrestrial or satellite backhaul options.

Our solution includes all relevant parts for deploying a cost effective and rapidly deployed rural telecom site:

  • Rapid Deployed Site innovative tower design
  • Low Power consumption software defined Radio Access Network Equipment from the state of the art manufacturers
  • Total independent hybrid solar power system
  • Remote Site Management system
  • Various backhaul solutions e.g., Microwave links, VSAT solutions
  • Complimentary communication means e.g., outdoor WiFi solutions

As a wide spread system integrator, Leadcom offers as part of it’s Rural Sites offering site acquisition, site implementation and site maintenance on the long run.