Smart Poles

Smart Pole System

With cellular data traffic expected to grow 9 times and current telecoms infrastructure struggling to respond to this demand, SmartPoles are enabling seamless mobile wireless 4G/LTE/5G connectivity, with the small cell technology housed in the poles to enable increased data capacity in the telecoms network. The poles provided by Leadcom were specifically designed and tested to accept licensed wireless mobile network operator equipment. This enables an alternative deployment methodology of 4G/5G LTE broadband services.

For cellular phone operators, this innovation can offer them new possibilities to find the right site location. It also helps scale mobile wireless 4G/5G/LTE infrastructure deployment beyond traditional sites. As a result operators can improve data coverage and capacity for citizens so there are no more signal dropouts.

Optimizing network infrastructure

Leadcom has delivered smart pole solutions offering fast Return on Investment (ROI) and ongoing operational benefits to operators and TowerCo’s, who continue to invest significant sums in both expanding 4G coverage and launching LTE-A networks to keep up with the growth in data usage.

Leadcom developed a camouflaged street pole fully integrated with antennas and remote radio units (RRU) to improve wireless broadband access in the dense urban areas. This pole serves as shared infrastructure and collocate services from multiple carriers in a single pole, giving multiple bands for seamless mobile coverage in roadways, streets, and parking lots. By putting up street poles with built-in telecommunication equipment for wireless broadband enhancement and densification, it enables IoT applications for a smarter city.

Reaching the full potential of smart street pole

Today, most cities that install smart street poles or retrofit existing fixtures choose systems that already are equipped with sensor technology or that can be upgraded easily to utilize the advantages of IoT applications. The full benefit of smart street pole is reached when it can act as infrastructure for multiple smart city applications, including public safety through video cameras, traffic management, smart parking, smart navigation, environmental monitoring (emissions, noise), extended Wi-Fi and cellular communications, digital info displays, and much more.

The evolution of connectivity, over 3G, 4G and ultimately 5G data networks, transforms street light poles into smart city data gatherers and multi-functional IoT notes. By capturing a wide range of real-time information – for example, traffic volume, pedestrian footfall, weather, noise – and then plugging that data into an analytics platform, new solutions to old challenges can emerge. Leadcom smart poles are structured to fulfil these market needs by providing flexible solutions for future network or urban planning from single carrier, multi-carrier, city and municipal governments.