Power Generation Systems

Power Generation by Lineary Engine Genset

Telecommunication & Communication companies require constant and reliable operation, and as such, demand backup power that can meet that challenge while still being cost effective.

Leadcom addresses all market needs (highly resilient, cost effective, greener) with its partner’s unique linear engine solution.

Free Piston Linear Engine

The invention of Linear Engines was developed and tested as a breakthrough technology for power generators, to meet the new power supply standards for remote and rural locations.

Main Features:

  • Incredible small and lightweight
  • Extremely efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Eco Friendly

The lack of resilient, cost effective, green backup power for communication and telecommunication industry


  • Unavailable grid and backup power
  • Diesel Generators used for backup are Expensive, Bulky and Polluting
  • High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • Supreme efficient predictive maintenance
  • Small and Light
  • No Oil
  • Low TCO due to fewer engine parts

In order to allow the optimal solutions tailored to our customer needs Leadcom has teamed up with the best in brand technology partners providing the most advanced and up to date linear engines.