Tower Mapping & Structural Analysis

Tower Mapping & Structural Analysis

Structural analysis report is a full detailed site tower diagnosis which includes conclusions and recommendations given to the client.

This report is done for each specific site and gives the full general details concerning the tower antenna loading capacity and tower maintenance.

The main challenge of tower diagnosis is giving the client the information regarding allowable tower capacity and existing loads.

The collection of the data and tower mapping is done with the local teams and include:

  • Verticality certificate
  • Schmidt Hammer results
  • Report of the tower audit indicating missing parts, rust, safety issues
  • List of all Equipment installed on the tower.
  • Tower mapping report and drawings
  • DCP test results
  • Foundation drawings

The structural analysis report includes:

  • Tower key plan, Tower model diagram
  • Detailed tower design calculations
  • Foundation plan and calculations
  • Design information and Assumptions
  • (i.e. structure class, modeling of feeder cables, wind speed, exposure and topo.)
  • Antenna type and quantity installed on the tower
  • Maintenance report, Comprehensive photo library
  • Bill of materials for tower strengthening (BOM)
  • Shop drawings if requested

At the end of the process, the tower owner has all needed info relating to its tower, current and, if required, future state, estimated needed upgrade (strengthening cost), which allows him to take decisions.