Drive Test and Benchmarking

Drive Test and Benchmarking Services

For mobile operators, quality of experience (QoE) is one of the key factors that drives differentiation, increases revenue and reduces churn. Nowadays, subscriber growth can only come from competing operators. How good should a mobile network or service be?

Benchmarking tests against the competition are an effective way of measuring the marginal improvements that are necessary to trigger focused investments. It is also an effective way of getting to know the competition and to gather valuable information as a source for focused promotional campaigns.

In a mature mobile network, it is fundamental to ensure that the subscriber perceived quality is under control. This means ensuring that QoE keeps improving or is not getting worse, especially when compared to the competition or whenever a new technology is introduced.

With the constant demand for new services, better network performance and more capacity, it is crucial that operators have a reliable, accurate and reproducible way to measure their subscribers’ QoE. This means comparing themselves with competitors.

Drive testing evaluates and measures the network after implementation. GSM, UMTS and LTE networks’ performance can be verified by performing data collection and data analysis through the drive test. Issues such as interference and drop calls can be detected through drive test and network KPIs can then be generated.

With Leadcom’s professional experience in telecommunication field and with the use of common testing tools such as TEMS, NEMO and SwissQual, we supply our customers with comprehensive Drive Test and Benchmarking services.

For monitoring and optimization of your wireless network services, our drive test solutions are well installed to ensure accurate testing of all GSM/WCDMA and LTE networks with minimum downtime due to system failures.

Leadcom field engineers are focused on supporting operators and vendors with various field measurements during network evolution in all phases from roll-out to optimization and operation. Preliminary measurements in the field are fundamental for cost-effective Network planning and optimization. Similarly, regular performance measurements cannot be neglected to justify the planning and optimization costs. Continuous field monitoring is in turn required to avoid the problem spots and to react to end-user feedback.

KPI measurement services include model tuning to bring maximum accuracy in coverage and interference prediction, verification measurements to support planning and optimization tasks, and benchmarking to ensure the competitiveness on the market. Lab measurements and field trials are offered to reach high confidence before employing any software release or functionality in the network. The measurements are delivered with a full set of tools required by the customers.