Telecom Site Surveillance System

Security and Access Control

Unattended telecom tower sites are often located in remote areas with higher criminal risks. Diesel fuel and expensive telecom equipment may become a target for theft. Leadcom provides centralized tower security supervision and access control to protect the sites from external threats.

The security supervision may include door contact sensors, motion detectors, perimeter security devices, combined to maximize the effect. Shelters and equipment cabinets may have a separate second-level security contour. All security events may be recorded on video.

Video Surveillance

A tower video surveillance system is a very specific video monitoring system that’s tailored to performing short recordings upon important events. The recordings are stored locally and forwarded to the NOC. Inexpensive recorders with analog cameras can also be used in most cases.

With innovative solutions, from access to fire prevention and public announcement to intelligent video security, we provide a full site surveillance solution for telecom operators and towercos.

What are the Values to Telecom Operator?

  • Increased System/Network Availability – Higher KPI’s
  • Enable site access control and monitoring
  • Increase revenue – less down time
  • Reduction in CAPEX – investment in new equipment due to theft/vandalism etc.
  • Improve OPEX – reduce maintenance costs, equipment replacement and fuel spending

Risks and Threats Evaluation

There are common risks and threats that are common to mobile operators around the world:

  • Entry of unauthorized people to the site
  • Thefts by authorized people (Internal & External)
  • Theft of Batteries, Metal/Copper elements etc.
  • Theft of Fuel
  • Vandalism of sites

The solution provided by Leadcom in order to accommodate all risks and threats includes Enhanced Perimeter Security Solution, Various internal and external sensors ,Video Surveillance System, High secure cylinders, padlocks with keys management and control and Unified Access Control systems.