Radio Access Network (RAN) and ORAN

RAN services

Optimize costs through innovative planning, designing and deployment of radio networks

RAN services

The access networks in the near future will have to be sophisticated to accommodate the demands of rising data consumption and user expectations. High spectrum cost, low ARPU and operational challenges shall amass huge pressures on operators to adopt new technologies and associated services.

In addition to these, operators are also facing challenges in

  • Network densification
  • Continuous monitoring and performance improvement of multilayer and multi technology networks
  • Adaption and integration of new technologies
  • Improvement in end user experiences and
  • ROI

With the help of our strategic partner ecosystem and SI competence, Tech Mahindra has refined its RAN Services portfolio to mitigate the afore-mentioned challenges. Our services span across the entire Access network development lifecycle and benefit operators to run their current networks better, change them faster and grow their current businesses to next level. Our services are agile, scalable and flexible to support our customers in network densification, planning, design and optimization, analysis of pain areas, network quality improvement and adaptation of new technologies that will eventually enable enhanced user experiences and maximized revenues

Solution Offerings

  • Planning and Design Services – 4G, 5G, vRAN Network
  • Installation, Commissioning and Integration Services
  • Network Launch Services
  • Optimization and Performance improvement Services
  • Consultation and Technology awareness Services


  • More than 25 Years of experience in RAN Services
  • E2E Services across RAN domains for a multi-vendor and multi-technology network.
  • SON – Automated RAN Performance monitoring and Optimization of vendor agnostics.
  • Precise planning and design with the help of a Crowd source-based data analytics platform.
  • 3D vector and heat map analysis, Propagation and Traffic modeling for Legacy and 5G NR NSA and SA network.
  • OEM-unbiased Solutions
  • Agile and Modular offerings

Business Benefits

  • Availability of Smart Planning techniques that help to estimate Capex investments and savings
  • Traffic-demand based site location identification for better RoI
  • Improvement of the end user experiences and the maximization of revenue
  • Identification of service pain points and remediation
  • Enhanced time to market
  • Minimized Drive Test RF Optimization
  • Automated Operations and Performance Improvement

Partners and Eco System