Added Values

Center of Excellence

Based on our vast experience executing large scale communication projects for prominent global telecom operators and OEM’s has gained us our reputation for quality, professionalism, and excellence.

Responsiveness, Skills, Creativity

Responsive management and strong multi-disciplinary professional teams have created the backbone of our operations where skills and creativity comply with strict international quality, health and safety standards.

Certification and Training

Experts and professional teams answer the needs and challenges of the entire telecom turnkey cycle.

  • Experienced Project Managers answer the unique project goals and objectives providing optimal planning, organization, and management of the project resources without compromising the schedule, quality and safety of the project execution
  • Engineering and implementation personnel are abreast on the innovations and trends in our field
  • Telecommunication technicians are certified by the OEM’s for their equipment
  • Local operations are professionally guided by central engineering, procurement and financial units

Management and employees are equipped to meet challenges, implementing experience, knowledge and dedication to provide solutions our customers benefit from.

One Stop Shop

CAPABILITIES that QUALIFY US to serve as a single point of contact for our customers who engage our services time and again as their businesses develop, mature and diversify:

  • Engineering solutions that answer a broad range of disciplines and technologies
  • Global procurement, logistic infrastructure and facilities
  • Strong implementation and installation capabilities

Our track record says it all – our diversified services and capabilities extend the full range of system integration and implementation services and we have the means to do much more. Our broad perspective and professional diversity enable us to provide services to all aspects of good, advanced and modern infrastructure and integration projects.

Adding Value to Your Operational Profit

Businesses who maintain systems and infrastructures can benefit from better OPEX by engaging Leadcom’s professional teams to take on the maintenance activities for them. Our experience and efficiency have lowered consumption costs for organizations who have fixed operational costs on their utilities. Implementing cost effective maintenance methodology, rapid sites construction and a strict implementation schedule reduces direct overheads – cutting costs and increasing value and revenues for our customers.

Strong Market Presence

Wherever we are – in over 20 countries across two continents – independent enterprises and businesses seeking local foothold, infrastructure and operations can benefit from our long-term investment in the countries in which we operate. Over the years, Leadcom has established sound relationships with local authorities and businesses developing and diversifying the scope of its activities for the benefit of its customers. Strongly assimilated in the local business culture and market, we have the platform to extend our span and easily penetrate neighboring territories as well as in-country diversity. The experience gained in different territories and with a strong a diverse clientele broaden our capabilities offering to better serve our customers’ needs.